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Feb 23rd 2018

4:00pm - 10:00 pm Open Gym (Complimentary to all competitors)

Feb 24th 2018 - Stage 1  

• 8:30am - 9:00am | Block #1 Rules

• 9:00am – 12:30pm | Block#1 Competition

 [12:30pm -1:00pm Break]

 • 1:00pm - 1:30pm | Block #2 Rules

• 1:30pm - 5:00pm | Block#2 Competition 

[5:00pm -5:30pm Break] 

• 5:30pm - 6:00pm | Block#3 Rules

• 6:00pm - 9:30pm | Block #3 Competition

Feb 25th 2018 - Stages 2 & 3 

 • 9:30am - 10:00am | Stage 2 Rules

• 10:00am - 2:00pm | Stage 2 Competition 

[2:00pm - 3:00pm lunch break]

 • 3:00pm - 3:30pm | Stage 3 Rules

• 3:30pm - 6:30pm | Stage 3 Competition

6:30pm Awards



Prices are pre-sale and will increase as we get closer to the event.

 Feb 23 ($15 per time block)

 Feb 24 or 25 ($30 ea day) 

Feb 24-25 ($45 weekend pass)

[intense_row] [intense_column size="3" nogutter="1"] [intense_pricing_table grouping="2"] [intense_pricing_section template="heading" title="Ninja" amount="" frequency="" background_color="error" font_color="#fff"/] [intense_pricing_section template="video"][intense_video video_type="youtube" video_url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETzXAbFrbOI"] [/intense_pricing_section][intense_pricing_section title="We have more than twenty Ninja Warrior obstacles throughout our gym including the iconic 14' warped wall!"/][intense_button align="center" link="http://ninjaquestfitness.com/classes/ninja-warrior/" rel="Drop In Class" size="medium" border_radius="3px"]Read More[/intense_button] [/intense_pricing_table] [/intense_column] [intense_column size="3" nogutter="1"] [intense_pricing_table grouping="2"] [intense_pricing_section template="heading" title="ParKour" amount="" sale_amount="" frequency="" background_color="warning" font_color="#fff"/] [intense_pricing_section template="video"][intense_video video_type="youtube" video_url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2_Y-K9JnGk&t=16s"][/intense_pricing_section][intense_pricing_section title="Our parkour obstacles range in height, mobility, and material in order to provide an adaptable environment for all students."/][intense_button align="center" link="http://ninjaquestfitness.com/classes/parkour/" rel="Drop In Class" size="medium" border_radius="3px"]Read More[/intense_button] [/intense_pricing_table] [/intense_column] [intense_column size="3" nogutter="1"] [intense_pricing_table grouping="2"] [intense_pricing_section template="heading" title="Tricking" amount="" frequency="" background_color="primary" font_color="#fff"/] [intense_pricing_section template="video"][intense_video video_type="youtube" video_url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9HsReBjhPs&t=9s"][/intense_pricing_section][intense_pricing_section title="Learn the biggest and toughest tricks safely with our crash pads, spring floor, foam pit, and Airtrack."/][intense_button align="center" link="http://ninjaquestfitness.com/classes/tricking/" rel="Drop In Class" size="medium" border_radius="3px"]Read More[/intense_button] [/intense_pricing_table] [/intense_column] [intense_column size="3" nogutter="1"] [intense_pricing_table grouping="2"] [intense_pricing_section template="heading" title="Archery" amount="" frequency="" background_color="#00c000" font_color="#fff"/] [intense_pricing_section template="video"][intense_video video_type="youtube" video_url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUeAJ3Sjt_o"][/intense_pricing_section][intense_pricing_section title="Our newest addition combining archery with dodgeball in this exciting game! Immerse yourself in an epic battle between friends and co-workers."/][intense_button align="center" link="http://ninjaquestfitness.com/archery-attack/" rel="Drop In Class" size="medium" border_radius="3px"]Read More[/intense_button] [/intense_pricing_table] [/intense_column] [/intense_row]

Claudia xxxxxx

All four of us always have so much fun here, we absolutely love this place! Glen was so good with all the kids at my daughter's birthday party last weekend they all had a fantastic time and now they all want to have their party there!



J.J. xxxxxx

This place is awesome! The staff was very helpful and super friendly. I brought my kids and Ryan couldn't have been any nicer! He spent a lot of time with my son who loves him and ANW. What an awesome place for both adults and kids to get great exercise.

Rick xxxxxx

I visited Ninja Quest with a friend of mine and I had no idea what I was getting into. What I thought would be a nervous time ended up being the best experience I've had in a gym/training setting. From employees to class attendees this place was awesome.

Lacey xxxxxx

The best place to train for America Ninja Warrior events in Atlanta! Also welcomes other athletes (freerunners/parkour etc.) and generally those looking to train and better themselves! If you don't come by, you're missing out!

Damon xxxxxx

A gym of the highest quality with staff of the highest quality. This place is rad. Well taken care of. Nice obstacles. Super safe. Great price. Couldn't be more happy with my time spent here

Ninja Quest Fitness
3910 Canton Road
Marietta, GA 30066
Phone: (678) 384-6500